to the person sitting in the darkness

Reading anti war essays today. a damn fine way to observe a day of glorifying war. I wear my white poppy with pride… in the name of reason and the measure of intellect that a few brave souls have displayed throughout history, in resistance to war and the ideas of imperialism and conquest…… many brilliant words have been written by literary icons  speaking out against the tyranny and idiocy that propels humanity into bloody conflict, and causes us to glorify the atrocities we commit against our own species, and the entire planet. Mark Twain, Earnest Hemingway, Ambrose Bierce… the list goes on. check this collection of anti war essays for some good counter to the endless stream of propaganda we endure in this season of celebrating death.

Listening to cakes cover of war pigs……

How many of us question the decisions made on our behalf? and of those that question how many take that inner dialog to vocalization? perhaps my  tainted view of mankind gets in the way of honest perception of our numbers, but I do know for certain it is not enough. To few of us dare to speak out against what we know is barbarism and the falsities used to justify it. Are the lies perpetuated by our leaders so effective that the majority of us are persuaded by them?  or are we in majority a species of cowards who would rather believe and behave as we are told than dare the intellectual dissidence against that which we know is wrong? do monkeys know it is wrong? is our instinct to war and combat so strong that we prefer a society founded on perpetual violence, exploitation and conquest, to that of mutual cooperation and peace?

willful ignorance, cognitive dissonance, itchy trigger finger, smoking gun, all are prisoners, wars are never won……

the language virus infects our actions, causes us to behave in erratic emotive ways. how angry someone can get over a concept they don’t even understand, its all in the words that are served in place of true understanding. the media is such a powerful tool for manipulation the minds and actions of (as mark twain put it) the dull masses. So clever are the visual salads they serve up with the repetitive entree of of carefully cooked language. although it is a tv dinner rather than a lobster bisque. concocted for those used to the blue collar menu of stale carnival corn dogs and deep fried mars bars.

the tool is always fear, the fear appeal, a shock doctrine. So many years of study and research put into population control, and does anyone question that they have had enormous success? why else would we be standing by while they take every illusion of freedom from us and allow them to take our money to create body piles  thousands of miles away. ISIL….. last year our heroes committing atrocities in Syria not only with our nations blessing, but with our weapons. now an enemy we will re-level iraq to destroy. same game, same bullshit, same complicity from the populations of the nations that are responsible for the whole mess in the first place…

(the Harper government is mulling over legislation that would make what I have said here today a crime because I am criticizing a warring system and showing antisocial anti government behavior that may make me prone to extremism…. WTF wake up Canada)

amazing that the canadians only needed the death of 2 soldiers to get its population beating the war drums. complete loss of context and perspective we now have the salt of our nation attacking mosques and berating Muslims at every opportunity… I see it every day working with the public. those dulled sullied masses whose idea of morality comes from the pages of a book of lies even more ridiculous than the ones they are being spoon fed by the government controlled media. a movable morality so weak and transparent that even the basic rules, like thou shalt not kill, only applies to beloved family members, as long as it is of benefit to maintain.

before I get myself into to much trouble from my ranting I will sign off as I could go on for days most likely, but to what avail?… (waves at csis with a friendly smile, asks “hows the blog? you likey?”)

Lest we forget that america funded and supported the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIL.

Lest we forget all the unnecessary wars for profit… that all wars are unnecessary

Lest we forget that ideology and fear have been a weapon wielded by our leaders against us, leading to the slaughter of 100’s of millions of you and me’s

Lest we forget soldiers are not heroes they are tools of war and suppression

Lest we forget we are violent monkeys and still behave like it

patriotism the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers

-Leo Tolstoy


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